NYC…sketchbook…E train…MOMA and Winsor McCay…M train

10:00 am…check out of hotel in Chelsea
10:15 am…sketching on the E train to the MOMA
10:30 am…through the doors up to the 6th floor
MOMA’s CENTURY OF THE CHILD (Growing by Design 1900-2000)…fabulous…a visual delight…wish I could take photos…quick sketches…wish I had more time…I will be back…this is why I have a membership…even if I just have an hour or two…when I am in the city I stop in and visit my favorite art or see something new…Here is a link to the exhibit…

Here is Gertie the Dinosaur…the 1914 animated short (Part II) by Winsor McCay. The film is shown on the wall …look right and look up as you enter the exhibit…

12:00…catch the M train
12:30…a picnic on a park bench with my good friend George in his “back yard”…his name for Madison Park…
1:30…in the Flatiron for my “Elephant” meeting.

…that is just a morning in the city…no wonder I am ready to crash when I am back in VT…tcp


Beethoven at Shelburne Farms…a sketchbook…


Beethoven…Prokofiev…Schubert…back at Shelburne Farms listening to music again in the Coach Barn. The music was lovely…the evening was perfect for a picnic.

Thanks to the tenacity of the local music community…classical music is alive and well in Vermont!

The Burlington Ensemble’s Summer Serenade has helped to fill the void with the loss of our Vermont Summer Mozart Festival.

These musicians bring more than great music to Vermont. In the spirit of “giving back” they give a generous portion of their proceeds to support local non-profits that support children, families and individuals in our community.

This makes their concerts even more delicious!

You can read more about the Burlington Ensemble, the artists, their mission, their concert schedule and buy tickets to their performances by visiting their website.

They just scheduled an encore performance at The Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms on August 11th.

I have my tickets. I have my sketchbook. Hope to see you there. Get there early. Bring a picnic.


Bob visits Brown Dog Books…painting a mural in support of an independent bookstore…

My friend and fellow children’s book author and illustrator, Amy Huntington, conspired a “play-date” in support of a wonderful local independent bookstore in Hinesburg, VT.  Without making too much of a mess…we left Natacha’s store….Brown Dog Books…with a mural painted by a group of crazy children’s book  illustrators (and authors…but no words were allowed on the mural…or that would have turned the mural into a sign)…The group included Amy and myself along with Sarah Dillard and Liza Woodruff…

Amy had the background ready for us…along with a drop cloth and supplies…she painted the frogs and the pig on the bike…Sarah painted a brown dog and Arugula, her hedgehog, Liza painted a polar bear flying a plane and I painted Bob, the rooster…(I learned how to put a paintbrush in my hair from Liza…but it is best done with a clean brush)

If painting a mural at your local bookstore is not an option…you can support yours by paying them a visit…there are surprises waiting for you in their stacks that you will never find on amazon…and it’s fun to explore new stores while traveling…


On the Rise Bakery…Sketchbook…yum!


We were back at On the Rise Bakery…a favorite spot for a relaxed and yummy dinner (roasted veggie and chèvre wood fired pizza) and live music.
We listened to Mike Lussen and Hugh McBribe…I am told they were part of the Greenwich Village folk scene…as was I at one time…Well not the “folk scene”…but I did live in the village years ago. My first studio was up from the village on Union Square…which was quite a different “scene” than it is today.

On the Rise is has great food. You can’t get more “local” than walking through their vegetable garden to get into the restaurant! They have a great breakfast and lunch. Bagels that would rival any in New York or Montreal. (the tea cakes are a particular weakness in our family)

They are BIG supporters of live music and local musicians….it is like our own little bit of Brooklyn here in VT….tcp

Here is a link to their website…check them out…or better yet…pay them a visit in Richmond, VT…but please save me a tea cake!


A fun day at the Eric Carle Museum…

….making bug mobiles in the art studio…and Bob in the library…

Thank you to everyone at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.
What a great day.
The Art Studio was full of fun supplies for making bug mobiles…

…colored wires…pipe cleaners…popcycle sticks…stickers…colored pencils and paper…How could we NOT have a blast!

I had fun watching and working with kids…parents…grandparents…as they drew and created 3-D bugs that wiggled and jiggled…

Clearly the adults were having as much fun as the kids…

After bugs…we all went to the library…where I read some of my books.
We mooed and woofed our way through Bob. The children helped hold up my Bob dummies…(which stretched across their bellies from one end of the library to another) their parents watched.

The museum is an amazing place. Not only do you get to see a fabulous collections (changing exhibits) of original children’s book art AND read your way through their library…
…you get to PLAY in the art studio!

Trying to get out of there with out MORE picture books from their gift store…well I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

It is not my fault.

What can one do when one sees an Edward Gorey book that one does not own?

A special thank you to Abigail and to Diana for making my visit a piece of cake!…tcp


Making yum-yum-bugs and reading at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art…

Bob loves yum-yum-bugs!
He likes to eat them.
I prefer to make them.
I have bugs hanging in my studio that I made out of painted paper clay and wire

Today, I was thinking about my upcoming visit to the Eric Carle Museum…
I will be helping young artists draw their own silly yum-yum-bugs…

This evening I started playing in my studio and oops…
…Silly bugs flew out of my pen!
These bug drawings are done in pen and ink and watercolor.


At 1:00 I will be in the Art Studio helping kids with their bugs as they draw and make them wiggle and jiggle from a mobile.

At 2:00 I will be reading BOB…along with some of my other books at the story time.

Save time to see the museum.
They have 3 terrific shows right now:

SNOWY DAY and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats
OUR BRITISH COUSINS: The Magical Art of Maisy and Friends
THE ART OF ERIC CARLE: The Birth of a Book and a Museum (art from “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth…a book I bought for my son when he was 18 years old…you are never to old for picture books!)

Hear a story…make a bug…I hope to see you there……tcp


Sketchbook…more waiting…


…more airport drawings.

What is the difference between drawing at an airport and drawing on a subway?…

On a subway…
…you never know if the person you are drawing is going to get off at the next stop.

At the airport…
…people sit and sit and sit….and sit…tcp