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Here are some fun activities based on characters from my books.

There are coloring pages, bookmarks, mazes, finger puppets, and more!

You can sort by book or by activity. Have fun!

Activities for kids based on Tracey Campbell Pearson books
Fun activities you can do based on characters from my books.
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Aardvark Coloring Page
Another Aardvark Coloring Page
Aunt Tizzy’s African Mask
Aunt Tizzy’s Crazy Tea Cookies
Bob Activities
Bob Coloring Page
Bob Rooster Mask
Bob Valentine
Buggy Bob Crown
Elephant’s Story Activities
Elephant’s Story Alphabet Coloring Activity
Elephant’s Story Maze
Elephant’s Story Puppets
Elephant’s Story Word Scramble
Flying Mother Goose Activity
Guinea Pigs Add Up Coloring Page
Moon & Stars Crown
Mother Goose Activities
Mother Goose Hey Diddle Crown Activity
Mother Goose Hey Diddle Hieroglyphics activity
Mother Goose Who’s Who Coloring Page
My Brother Bert Coloring Page
Myrtle Coloring Page
Purple Hat Coloring Page
Silly Moon Poems
The Moon Coloring Page
Tuck-In-Time Activities
Where Does Joe Go Coloring page