A fun day at the Eric Carle Museum…

….making bug mobiles in the art studio…and Bob in the library…

Thank you to everyone at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.
What a great day.
The Art Studio was full of fun supplies for making bug mobiles…

…colored wires…pipe cleaners…popcycle sticks…stickers…colored pencils and paper…How could we NOT have a blast!

I had fun watching and working with kids…parents…grandparents…as they drew and created 3-D bugs that wiggled and jiggled…

Clearly the adults were having as much fun as the kids…

After bugs…we all went to the library…where I read some of my books.
We mooed and woofed our way through Bob. The children helped hold up my Bob dummies…(which stretched across their bellies from one end of the library to another)

..as their parents watched.

The museum is an amazing place. Not only do you get to see a fabulous collections (changing exhibits) of original children’s book art AND read your way through their library…
…you get to PLAY in the art studio!

Trying to get out of there with out MORE picture books from their gift store…well I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

It is not my fault.

What can one do when one sees an Edward Gorey book that one does not own?

A special thank you to Abigail and to Diana for making my visit a piece of cake!…tcp

Tracey Campbell Pearson

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