Elephant and Gracie will tell their story in their own book ELEPHANT’S STORY on their pub date of October 22, 2013

TODAY…is for listening to every Elephant’s story….everywhere…

I’ve posted links for World Elephant Day on Elephant’s Blog.

Have an Elephant day….tcp


Bob’s Birthday Bash!!!…a party for a very special rooster!…

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate Bob’s 10th birthday!  (Bob was published in 2002. Really…he has been in print for 11 years…but Bob waited patiently for his party while I finished Elephant’s Story.)

Kids, their parents and grandparents gathered as feathers flew and wires wiggled! Even parents glued, colored, created Bob crowns, posters…all sorts of Bob art. Everyone added birthday wishes to Bob’s big card.

A BIG THANK YOU  to Natalie, for bringing the star of the party, BOB the chicken! ( named after Bob.)  Bob was the star of the party!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Bob…before we paraded to the village green.

It was a lovely day for Bob’s story walk …run, skip, hop..around green. The children called out, “Where’s Emily?…and Emily guided us to the next tree and the next “page” of the book…then back to the Community Center for cake.

A special thanks to Phoenix Books for sponsoring Bob’s Party….for turning out in force and helping out with the feathers and glue. A special thanks to Colleen and Beth for making it happen….Colleen ran around like a chicken gathering eggs…feathers…party favors, crafts…and the cake…yum!…and deserves her very own Bob crown!

Happy Birthday, Bob!!…mooo….wooof…and cock-a-doodle-dooooo!….tcp


Drawing Class…

drawing the folks drawing in drawing class...

drawing the folks drawing in drawing class…

Sometimes it is as much fun drawing the folks in a drawing class as it is drawing the model! It is great to be back drawing in a life drawing class. It is a drop in class in Burlington, VT.  No instructor. A model. Artists who are drawing just to draw.

It’s a nice change of pace…getting a warning before the model gets up and walks away….that doesn’t happen when I am drawing on the subway!…tcp


School visit with Allen Brook Elementary…

Letters from Ms. Herbert's 1st and 2nd graders

Letters from Ms. Herbert’s 1st and 2nd graders

Signed picture from Mrs. Thyng's class.

Signed picture from Mrs. Thyng’s class.

Yesterday…I had a great day visiting with 1st and 2nd grade students and teachers at Allen Brook School in Williston, VT….What a great school! Thank you Synergy and Harmony!

It was fun spending the day with you and having a conversation about books with such a great group of young authors and artists.

It was fun for me to be able to watch you create your own dummies! Your pigs were clearly having a blast flying over Vermont and beyond….into outer space….over castles…around New York City….and on and on.

Thank you to Mrs. Thing’s class for the signed picture with the wonderful drawings you made of the characters in my books!

Thank you to Ms. Herbert’s 1st and 2nd graders for the lovely letters telling me what you learned from our time together.

Here is what I learned from what Ms. Herbert’s students learned:

FROM AVA:  “…you can get ideas from your family and friends”– Ava’s favorite book is THE HOWLING DOG

FROM LINDSEY: “…How it felt to be an author and illustrator….you can create stories from anything or anywhere…you create the cover last”–Lindsey’s favorite books–BOB & THE HOWLING DOG

FROM OWEN: “…thank you for teaching all that you know…your are the best writer and illustrator in the world. I know it takes a lot of work to do.”

FROM JAYDEN: “…you can draw anywhere.”–Owen’s favorite book–MYRTLE

FROM PARKER: “…the more you draw the better you get. You are a great author.”–Parker’s favorite book–WHERE DOES JOE GO?–I also learned from Parker how to find Ms. Beeken, the art teacher..(who taught at my children’s school when they were young.) Thank you. I am sure I would have gotten lost–I have no sense of direction! 

FROM ANNA. A.: “…I like art too…” Anna’s favorite book–MYRTLE

FROM KARINA: “…learned a lot” Including, “… You create stories anytime, anywhere about anything….you practiced drawing on buses, on subways and anywhere!..” Karina’s favorite book–BOB–Favorite page–when the owl says “Whooo? Whooo? Whooo?”

FROM TARIK: “…loved reading BOB it was amusing and funny…that you use watercolor..” Tarik’s favorite book BOB

FROM PEYTON: “…to fill whole pages with details. I always create the cover last.”

FROM JULIA: “…that presentation out in the cafeteria was so wonderful…learned so much…like you can get stories from anywhere.” Julia is “writing a book about lady bugs and the little boy’s name is joe.”  Julia’s favorite book–BOB (which she has at her house)

FROM MONTANA: “…that you create stories for your books from anything or anywhere and you create your cover after you finished your book…” Montana’s favorite book–WHERE DOES JOE GO?

FROM SLOANE: “…that you create stories from anywhere…that you fill the whole page with details…” Sloane’s favorite book–WHERE DOES JOE GO?

FROM KEEGAN: “…create your cover last…” Keegan’s favorite book –BOB

FROM JADEN: “…you draw fast…liked learning a bout you…”

Thank you, again! It was a great day.

Keep reading, writing and drawing.

Mud season in Vermont is a perfect time to….

Grab some paper.

Fold it.

Staple it.

Pick up a pencil.

Make a book.

Read a book.

Have Fun!….tcp


Bob on Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bob!

Thank You Phoebe for the Bob & Fred drawing…they make a lovely couple…

The paint is flying in my studio…I am finishing up illustrations for a new book…I am having fun…but no time for making Valentines this year…
…But you can!

Here is a link to the instructions for making your own Bob Valentine on my website:

…get messy…have fun!…tcp



Happy Birthday Mozart!

Maurice's Birthday Wild Thing...

Maurice’s Birthday Wild Thing…

Today is Mozart’s Birthday.

I am having a drawing party in my studio with Mozart’s music.

I invited Maurice’s Wild Thing…(Maurice like to draw to Mozart…and it is because of him that I have been drawing to music for the past 37 years…thank you Maurice for my birthday Wild Thing….happy birthday Mozart!)


It is brrrrr cold outside…a perfect day to be inside drawing and painting…

…keep warm…take a taste of a Mozart concerto…or…the magic flute…read one of Sendak’s books…enjoy…tcp



A night on the town…

Bergdorf Window

A night on the town.

I decided that being crazy busy with a tight deadline is NO excuse for being lame with my posts…after all I did manage to make a quick trip to NY for Christmas.

Here is a picture of my big night out…I have a real crush on this guy…I found him in Bergdorf’s window.

I am having a blast with this book….but I will do my best to get up from my drawing table….stretch…and make a post when I can…have fun…play for me…tcp



woman with cake on her head…

restaurant doodle

restaurant doodle


“Do you like my hat?”

I can’t resist drawing on paper tablecloths.

No crayons!
No problem!
I always have my favorite pen!

I have left drawings at restaurants around the country.  I left a pile of sketches at the dining room in the Denver Art Museum a month ago…one way to get your work into a museum

I had an epiphany over the weekend.

I can use my phone to take pictures before I leave the restaurant!

I am more practiced with a pen than with a smart phone…The rest of the pictures came out blurry….but I love this woman with chocolate molten cake on her head…yum….tcp

PS…This was drawn at one of our “go-to” restaurants in Burlington, VT. Leunig’s Bistro. Their food is always yum. The atmosphere is delightful. Their Chocolate Molten Cake is deadly.