Finding Proust…in my studio…

Marcel Proust...from Maira Kalman Exhibit Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) 2011 @ the Jewish Museum NYC

Marcel Proust…from Maira Kalman Exhibit Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) 2011 @ the Jewish Museum NYC

It is a good time to clean up my studio.
It is a mess.
Piles upon piles.

I found Marcel Proust stuck in one of my piles.


What else can I say?

He is now out on my easel where I can see him.

…I acquired this poster at a wonderful exhibit of Maira Kalman’s work at The Jewish Museum in NYC in 2011. (Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) I love Maira’s work. I must have read HEY WILLY, SEE THE PYRAMIDS a zillion times to my kids. Her illustrated version of THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE is here in my studio….

…somewhere…wait a minute….it is in one of my piles…

pile of books...

pile of books…

If you don’t know Maria Kalman’s work…visit your library…your local bookstore…


…I always check to see what is on exhibit at The Jewish Museum when I am in NYC…I have seen lovely shows…in this small and intimate setting…Vulliard…Ezra Jack Keats…William Steig…Sendak…The Cone Sisters Collection…these shows were delicious!…tcp


Cookies at the Library…waiting for Santa…

Holiday Tree Lighting December 2, 2012

Holiday Tree Lighting December 2, 2012

Holiday Open House at Jericho Town Library Today.

Crafts for the kids.
I will be reading to the children before they run out the door to watch the tree on the green light up…the signal for Santa to come down the hill on his Kubota tractor….decorated in lights!
This is how the holiday season begins in Vermont….books….cookies….and santa on a tractor…perfect!

This art is I created for the poster for the event….tcp


Back in Vermont…and in my studio…

Oops…I have been gone for a bit…

…traveling from here to there…to big cities and tiny towns…to the west and the midwest…I have met kids and adults…friends and family…traveling is great…but I love being back at my drawing a new dummy is on my editor’s desk…

I am gathering thoughts and images from my adventures…I will begin posting again tomorrow…for those of you that have been visiting while I have been away…thanks for your patience!…tcp



Closed for Season…

Brrrr….in Vermont.
We have snow on top of Mount Mansfield.
I passed Joe’s Snack Bar.
The sign is up.
Joe is gone.

Everyone wonders….Where does he go?

I have collected wonderful children’s art as I visit schools around the country, including fun and creative rewrites of my book Where Does Joe Go?
I have seen Joe visit all sorts of new places!

I also have artwork where kids have used their own names or teacher’s name to create a new rhyme.

The drawings above were created by Ms. Peterson and Mrs. Thyng’s 1st and 2nd graders.

I hope you enjoy their art as much as I have….tcp

To learn more about Where Does Joe Go use the link below and click on 
“the inside story”.


Family Sketchbooks…

These are not my sketches!

The chaps in black suits are from my dad’s sketchbook…which makes these drawings about 70 years old

The woman comes from my son’s sketchbook…drawn while riding the subway in Chicago.

The lily comes from my daughter’s sketchbook...drawn while home for a short visitnot easy to find lilies on subways in NYC…

I have been busy preparing for a school visit to Ohio later this month.
Scanning new images. Reworking my keynote presentation.
Finally moving some images from one computer to another…
…when I came across my dad’s old sketches…yes…his name really was Faubel.

My dad liked to draw.

My kids like to draw.

We all love to draw.

My husband doesn’t draw…but he loves to read…

We all love to read.



How to bake an elephant…

So why bake an elephant?

Because he is in a hurry to get back to NYC.

I have been painting a new cover for my Elephant book and my painting is wet.
I used a hairdryer….but I want my watercolor to be really dry before I put on another layer of paint.

My light was no help at all.
I put it over my painting and it just wants to pop back up…never staying close enough to the art to warm up the paper.

Then I saw my plastic elephant.
He is heavy and just right for putting on top of my lamp.
He fit perfectly.
No more popping lamp.

The little tiny elephant did not want to be left out.
I put him on top of my other lamp.

Now both paintings are dry!

I gotta go….Elephant is in a hurry…tcp

PS…This is how they bake an elephant in Chicago…
my son made Elephant berry pie….yum.




Storm King…the ultimate field trip…walking Andy’s wall…

For years, every time we traveled the Northway from VT to NYC (and back)… we rubber necked Storm King, the sculpture park about 60 miles north of Manhattan.
We finally scheduled a stop.
It is amazing.
Once is not enough.
Seeing it in one season is not enough.
Seeing it in only morning light…
or only evening light…

not enough.

Seeing it with friends, family…young or old…

not enough.

Seeing it by yourself….once…

not enough.

Seeing it on your computer….absolutely not enough!
Go surround yourself in the landscape.

If you live nearby…..or on another planet…it is worth the trip.

This is just a tiny taste… of Any Goldsworthy’s wall.
There is so much more to see…of the wall weaving and climbing up and down the landscape…around trees…in and out of the water.

There 500 acres of beautiful grounds…fabulous sculptures carefully placed in the landscape.

We walked…and walked…and walked. But you don’t have to.
There are trams that travel the grounds and bikes available for rental.
We brought a picnic. It was lovely.

Here is a link to the Storm King Art Center website. It includes a short film clip that will give you a better picture than I can.
However, the nothing can compare to being there in person.

Don’t make our mistake…rubber necking when you see a bit of a sculpture peaking out of the landscape while driving the Northway and thinking… “What is that? It looks cool.” Plan a trip….if not this year or next…put it on your “bucket list”…tcp



Thinking Elephants…

I have Elephant Brain.
This is a condition where only elephants come out of my pen.

I am tweaking my Elephant book.

Here is Elephant thinking about elephants…or maybe he is thinking about me thinking about elephants?

When someone has Elephant Brain, there is no room for anything else in their head. Elephants are big. You would think this might cause a headache.


A little Miles Davis…my favorite pen…I’ll call my editor in the morning….tcp