Storm King…the ultimate field trip…walking Andy’s wall…

For years, every time we traveled the Northway from VT to NYC (and back)… we rubber necked Storm King, the sculpture park about 60 miles north of Manhattan.
We finally scheduled a stop.
It is amazing.
Once is not enough.
Seeing it in one season is not enough.
Seeing it in only morning light…
or only evening light…

not enough.

Seeing it with friends, family…young or old…

not enough.

Seeing it by yourself….once…

not enough.

Seeing it on your computer….absolutely not enough!
Go surround yourself in the landscape.

If you live nearby…..or on another planet…it is worth the trip.

This is just a tiny taste… of Any Goldsworthy’s wall.
There is so much more to see…of the wall weaving and climbing up and down the landscape…around trees…in and out of the water.

There 500 acres of beautiful grounds…fabulous sculptures carefully placed in the landscape.

We walked…and walked…and walked. But you don’t have to.
There are trams that travel the grounds and bikes available for rental.
We brought a picnic. It was lovely.

Here is a link to the Storm King Art Center website. It includes a short film clip that will give you a better picture than I can.
However, the nothing can compare to being there in person.

Don’t make our mistake…rubber necking when you see a bit of a sculpture peaking out of the landscape while driving the Northway and thinking… “What is that? It looks cool.” Plan a trip….if not this year or next…put it on your “bucket list”…tcp


Tracey Campbell Pearson

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