How to bake an elephant…

So why bake an elephant?

Because he is in a hurry to get back to NYC.

I have been painting a new cover for my Elephant book and my painting is wet.
I used a hairdryer….but I want my watercolor to be really dry before I put on another layer of paint.

My light was no help at all.
I put it over my painting and it just wants to pop back up…never staying close enough to the art to warm up the paper.

Then I saw my plastic elephant.
He is heavy and just right for putting on top of my lamp.
He fit perfectly.
No more popping lamp.

The little tiny elephant did not want to be left out.
I put him on top of my other lamp.

Now both paintings are dry!

I gotta go….Elephant is in a hurry…tcp

PS…This is how they bake an elephant in Chicago…
my son made Elephant berry pie….yum.



Tracey Campbell Pearson

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