Guinea Pigs and Flying Pigs…

I have not found a way to get this large guinea pig onto a plane.
However, when I drive to visit schools or bookstores…this pig comes along.
We have fun taking pig portraits. This one is from a Vermont elementary school.

We also had a blast with him at The Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vermont. He joined me for an event for the book Guinea Pigs Add up…

…as if one giant guinea pig is not enough…the bookstore invited a special guest to keep me company.  Oreo did a great job.  He let everyone pet him. Oreo was a hard act to follow…but it was a fun day for everyone.

Kelly and Oreo photo taken by Josie

Josie Leavitt was busy snapping pictures and wrote a great article for the blog
PW ShelfTalker…as if running a bookstore and  performing comedy is not enough to keep this woman busy!

Here is a link to the article with pictures:

…and  a link to the Flying Pig Bookstore’s website:
Honestly…you gotta go there in person…it is worth a trip to Vermont…it is a fabulous bookstore.

My next book is about an elephant…ask Josie if she will be supplying a live one for that event…tcp



Tracey Campbell Pearson

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