In and out of the garden…questions from Mr. Owen’s first graders…


Do you like to pick flowers?

Yes I love flowers. I like to pick flowers and I like to grow flowers.
Sometimes when I go to the grocery store….flowers end up in my cart along with my groceries!
Here is the last bouquet that….oooops landed in my cart!

Do you have a garden?

Yes. We have flower gardens and one big vegetable garden.
My favorite thing to grow…purple carrots!
…time to plant my seeds.

My lupines are in full bloom.
…time to read one of my favorite books.
Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.
I bet you can find this book in your local library!

What do you like to eat?

Purple carrots of course! They are purple on the outside and orange on the inside…

…and I like dark chocolate.

Do you like going to people’s schools?

Yes! It is fun to travel to schools around the country and spend time with students and teachers who love to read books. I love making books and I love sharing the process with others.

I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time at Brookside Elementary. You have a great school. Say hello to everyone for me!

Do you like kids?

Yes. Very much.
I even have a couple.

A boy and a girl.
Now they are all grown up….but they are still my kids…and I still like them…a lot.

We have lots of great kids in our neighborhood. They are tons of fun!

How do you make the book covers hard?

It is the publisher’s job to make the cover.
My job is to draw the picture for the cover.
The publisher will  print copies of my illustrations (pictures) and a machine will glue them to cardboard.

You can do the same thing. You don’t need a machine. Just a picture, cardboard and some glue. Give one of your own stories a “hardcover”.

You can make your own book!

Tracey Campbell Pearson

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