On the Rise Bakery…Sketchbook…yum!


We were back at On the Rise Bakery…a favorite spot for a relaxed and yummy dinner (roasted veggie and chèvre wood fired pizza) and live music.
We listened to Mike Lussen and Hugh McBribe…I am told they were part of the Greenwich Village folk scene…as was I at one time…Well not the “folk scene”…but I did live in the village years ago. My first studio was up from the village on Union Square…which was quite a different “scene” than it is today.

On the Rise is has great food. You can’t get more “local” than walking through their vegetable garden to get into the restaurant! They have a great breakfast and lunch. Bagels that would rival any in New York or Montreal. (the tea cakes are a particular weakness in our family)

They are BIG supporters of live music and local musicians….it is like our own little bit of Brooklyn here in VT….tcp

Here is a link to their website…check them out…or better yet…pay them a visit in Richmond, VT…but please save me a tea cake!


Tracey Campbell Pearson

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