Spring arrived here in Vermont with fresh snow!

I found this silly diddy called “SPRING” in an old sketchbook …very old…I wrote this on March 12, 1984.

Even if today’s weather is the same as it was 29 years ago…and I think that would be a good thing…I hope my work has changed and I have grown as an author and artist since 1984…there is a ton more to learn…However, it does look like I was better at dating my sketchbooks back then.

Ahhh…Something to work on for the next 30 years…my organizational skills. I’ll begin with “Spring Cleaning” my studio.

Will a clean & organized studio make me a better artist?

Maybe not.

But I wonder what else I might find in my piles?….happy first day of spring…tcp

Tracey Campbell Pearson

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