Valentine Bob…and Wilbur…

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wilbur and Bob!


Wilbur’s wearing his Bob crown. He replaced the yum-yum bugs with hearts for Valentine’s Day.

You can download the crown from the Fun Stuff section of my website.

I made Valentine Bob using press sheets from his book. You can make your own Valentine Bob! Just download the pattern in the Fun Section of my website. Have fun!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

tcp…Bob…and Wilbur


Wilbur…the year of the rooster…waiting for the year of the dog…woof.


Wilbur tries out Bob Crown…


Bob crown made by 4th grader

It’s fun to visit schools and see children wearing their Buggy Bob Crowns! This one was made by a 4th grader. Kindergarteners…teachers…librarians….one size fits all! Make the bugs wiggle and shake your sillies out! Happy Year of the Rooster from Bob and tcp…enjoy!

Here are the instructions for the Buggy Bob Crown:

Bob Crown New-update

Instructions for Bob Crown

Bob Crown New-update

Bob Crown Pattern


It’s the year of the rooster…she says she has more activities on her website…

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BOB by Tracey Campbell Pearson published by Farrar Straus Giroux   ISBN 978-0-374-40871-8





Valentine Bob…


Valentine Bob

Have fun making a Bob Valentine! Here’s a link to a downloadable image on my website.


Bob Valentine New

Valentine Bob Coloring Page


Written and Illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson
Farrar, Straus & Giroux 2004
Softcover available Square Fish an imprint of Macmillan ISBN 978-0-374-40871-8

Parents’ Choice Silver Medal AwardNCTE Notable Children’s Book in Language Arts
Parents’ Choice Silver Medal Award*School Library Journal, starred review
Parents’ Choice Silver Medal AwardArkansas Diamond Primary Book
Award Master List- Grades K-3
Parents’ Choice Silver Medal AwardOppenheim Gold Award

Visit my website to learn more about Bob. Get the inside story. Download more activities based on the book….enjoy!…Happy Valentine’s Day…tcp


Valentine Bob Winter


Valentine Bob Collage


Bob’s Birthday Bash!!!…a party for a very special rooster!…

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate Bob’s 10th birthday!  (Bob was published in 2002. Really…he has been in print for 11 years…but Bob waited patiently for his party while I finished Elephant’s Story.)

Kids, their parents and grandparents gathered as feathers flew and wires wiggled! Even parents glued, colored, created Bob crowns, posters…all sorts of Bob art. Everyone added birthday wishes to Bob’s big card.

A BIG THANK YOU  to Natalie, for bringing the star of the party, BOB the chicken! ( named after Bob.)  Bob was the star of the party!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Bob…before we paraded to the village green.

It was a lovely day for Bob’s story walk …run, skip, hop..around green. The children called out, “Where’s Emily?…and Emily guided us to the next tree and the next “page” of the book…then back to the Community Center for cake.

A special thanks to Phoenix Books for sponsoring Bob’s Party….for turning out in force and helping out with the feathers and glue. A special thanks to Colleen and Beth for making it happen….Colleen ran around like a chicken gathering eggs…feathers…party favors, crafts…and the cake…yum!…and deserves her very own Bob crown!

Happy Birthday, Bob!!…mooo….wooof…and cock-a-doodle-dooooo!….tcp