Elephant and Gracie back in VT…all “TUCKED-IN!”

Elephant and Gracie have been busy traveling…



They’re back in Vermont and all tucked-in…getting ready to launch Tracey’s newest book…


TUCK-IN TIME written by Carole Gerber and illustrated by tcp is now available at your local bookstore…yay!

Tuck-In-Time_Cover copy


Join Tracey for a pajama party at PHOENIX BOOKS in Essex, VT on Friday, Oct. 24th at 6pm….don’t forget your favorite stuffed critter and you blankie!…see you there!…tcp




Bob’s Birthday Bash!!!…a party for a very special rooster!…

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate Bob’s 10th birthday!  (Bob was published in 2002. Really…he has been in print for 11 years…but Bob waited patiently for his party while I finished Elephant’s Story.)

Kids, their parents and grandparents gathered as feathers flew and wires wiggled! Even parents glued, colored, created Bob crowns, posters…all sorts of Bob art. Everyone added birthday wishes to Bob’s big card.

A BIG THANK YOU  to Natalie, for bringing the star of the party, BOB the chicken! ( named after Bob.)  Bob was the star of the party!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Bob…before we paraded to the village green.

It was a lovely day for Bob’s story walk …run, skip, hop..around green. The children called out, “Where’s Emily?…and Emily guided us to the next tree and the next “page” of the book…then back to the Community Center for cake.

A special thanks to Phoenix Books for sponsoring Bob’s Party….for turning out in force and helping out with the feathers and glue. A special thanks to Colleen and Beth for making it happen….Colleen ran around like a chicken gathering eggs…feathers…party favors, crafts…and the cake…yum!…and deserves her very own Bob crown!

Happy Birthday, Bob!!…mooo….wooof…and cock-a-doodle-dooooo!….tcp