WILBUR and George….hop…hop…again.

I’m joining The Briar Patch Bookstore in Bangor, Maine this morning for a virtual story time.

It’s Easter weekend.

I’m reading my new book, Girls and Boys Come Out to Play, which features Mother Goose.

Wilbur said…Don’t forget George!

Just in case you need a rabbit for your basket..

Wilbur is our 100lb Bernese Mountain Dog.

He needed company when I’m busy at my drawing table.

Meet George the rabbit.

Cut him out.

Glue his front and back together.

Bend him at his feet and tell him to stand.

George’s vision is a little fuzzy. You can make him some glasses out of wire…

…and put them right over his nose.

Or if you would like…you can Color George.

Then, cut him out and glue him together.

Bend him at his feet and tell him to stand.

You can add glasses by drawing them…

any color…any shape!

Speaking of coloring…

…Here’s a bunny coloring page.

It’s made from the endpapers that I drew for TUCK-IN TIME…written by Carole Gerber.

…and paper bunny dolls!

Print and color!

There are more activities for many of my books.

Just visit the FUN STUFF section on my website:


Have fun!…tcp

Tracey Campbell Pearson

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